Saturday, August 3, 2013

Navigation Devices for Travelers

Be sure to include navigation devices which will save your traveltime and effort.  Imagine you are being lost to a place where you arenot familiar with.  Recent technologies allow travelers to be digitallyguided on tours.  The power behind this technology is the NAVTEQ data.  One outstanding company that specializes on navigation systems  is NAVTEQ

This company is a global leader in digital map data catering to  top companies in different industries such as in automotive, portable and wirelessinternet, fleet and logistics, geographic information systems(GIS), government, developers, and media.  Way back 1995, it powered the first luxury car navigation system in Europe making it a leader in innovation and quality.

Here are some of  the advantages of  choosing NAVTEQ and having an updated maps or navigation GPS devices:

  • Their products are more on automotive navigation system but also cater for  internet map applications, and mobile devices particulary with smartphones.
  • Traffic can be avoided and will be warned in advance to take alternative routes.
  • Emergency cases will be attended soon if updated maps are available.
  • Use NAVTEQ maps to locate certain residential addresses, restaurants and businesses.  
  • Offering globally in eighty three countries and increasing expanding to other areas.
  • Traveler can explore independently with  navigation devices on hand.