Friday, June 17, 2011

Smartphone Applications for Digital Moms Dinner Spinner.  Mom gets help from this application in cooking meals for the family.  Search menus by ingredients or dish types you want to cook for your next dinner.

Fooducate. Ensure she is buying healthy food.  Scan the grocery barcode on items to see what is inside.  It gives you the pros and cons of the item, provide healthier alternatives and lets you scan other items for comparison.

Save Benjis Application.  Shopping is the most common task for moms who constantly search for bargains and monitor her budget.  This application searches all the main stores and compares price to give a price idea of products.

Evernote.  One of the best apps for moms who keeps on organizing things.  Create text, voice or photo notes, and it syncs to your desktop. 

The Weather Channel.  Planning an outdoor vacation or party? This  freebie apps which gives a weather forecast that helps plan an event well.

Safety Browser.  Kids tend to click on phones to quest their curiosity, guard them against inappropriate content online with  this application for parental controls in your  device. Set further filters that allow or block specific websites or categories of websites.

Intuition Application. A smart personal assistant for moms.  Quickly capture your to-dos, tasks, grocery lists, ideas, appointments and wish lists.  Delegate your tasks and share information through Facebook or Twitter.  Get your daily dose of inspiration, fun, and money saving offers. 
Digital moms are indeed reflects the women today, but once in awhile it is good to  unplugged oneself and go back to basics.  Enjoy a cup of coffee back with the family or a friend.