Thursday, May 19, 2011

Telephone Etiquette in Business

With the emerging Internet communication, telephone is still use for everyday business conversations.  Proper manners and telephone etiquette are still expected to be practiced within the office.  Here are some  common telephone etiquette for employees:

  • When receiving a call, answer the telephone promptly preferably not more than two rings. 
  • Identify yourself or firm in your opening words. 
  • Make  a professional welcome greeting, remember that you are a window of the company image so create a good impression on the fist words of the between the conversation.  If cannot be avoided, excuse yourself for awhile.
  • If the call is not for you, take the initiative to take a message and be sure to get the it accurately from the caller.  Forward the message as soon as the person arrives or write it down on a post-it note.
  • When you have to refer the call to someone or to be transferred to other local number, inform the caller properly why you are transferring the call.
  • Make the call as brief as accurate as possible. Topics relates to personal matters should not be incorporated with business conversations or ask the caller personal questions especially if you are talking with  a business client.
  • Personal calls are discouraged during office hours unless it is an emergency call.