Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Key Benefits of Rich Media Advertising

Rich media advertising such as interactive banners, streaming videos and flash animations are the top trends for online marketing.   Know more about rich media and its key benefits.
Rich Media advertising

Because of the advancement of creative technology, rich media advertising  continues to improve rapidly, the need for these type of advertisements  had become a demand for brand awareness  and other businesses.  Study shows companies allocates atleast 13% on rich media  advertising this for affiliate marketing, direct marketing, email marketing, and web sponsorships.

During an interview conducted by Microassist.com to Scott Rehling, co-founder of  Lava Studios, Rehling defines rich media as the utilization of audio, video, flash, and multimedia to create compelling creative content which can be distributed through the web, television, and other digital media platforms.

MicroAssist is a a software company engaged in e-learning, training, and other technology services who partnered with  Lava Studios, a rich media content developer/production company.

Key Benefits of Rich Media Advertising
  •  A rich media advertisement consist of  dynamic motion which has a greater effect and impact to the consumer than traditional advertising.  Humans are more visual, the traditional text based advertisements becomes real and alive with video/audio rich media formats.
  • Interactive experience for  the consumer creates a direct relationship  to the brand which lead to a  better response to the advertisement such as more leads and  purchase intent.
  • The percentage of advertisement memory retention to consumers is much higher.