Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What Happened to Redgage?

Earn money online sounds good right? But for those who experience delay of payment it is really frustrating.  After the hard work and waiting it will be wasted if you are expecting the payment.

Redgage is a social media website where you can post links, blog, photos, and videos.  Most of the shared posts are links and photos.  I have seen great photographers and  interesting profiles at Redgage.  I like the community and it is where we can have create backlinks to our articles.

But some Redgage members including me  was not able to payout until today. They have upgraded the site and transferred the old profiles to the new one.  But since then the payment had not been good.  It is good if you  are just posting because of  article promotion, but it still depending on the site you are promoting if they accept traffic from Redgage.

What happened to Redgage?