Thursday, May 7, 2015

What is more Painful, Verbal or Physical Abuse?

A lot of women are confronted of abuse from their husband which causes separation. In rare cases, men becomes the victim of the abuse. There are many types of abuses, but the common one are physical abuse and verbal abuse. We know stories of physical abuses from marital broken relationships. Because men are typically physically capable, women are mostly victims of physical abuse.

There can be many forms of verbal abuse like insulting you in front of others, threatening words, blaming you for actions you did not do, controlling your actions, and other words to put you down. The abuser tries to control you to believe about these negative words. 

A physical abuse can be very painful since you can really feel the pain. But a verbal abuse can have mental and emotional pains which are more lasting. How about you? what do you think is more painful, verbal or physical abuse? 

Get help and go out of the dark situation where the abuser is actually at fault. Although things in life can be painful, there is always a healing process if we decide to get out of the situation and be happy.

Remember the movie "Enough" starring Jennifer Lopez?