Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ribs Steak Meal at Casa Verde Restaurant

I have been having food exploration whenever I have the opportunity to dine out and if my budget permits. Recently I had a ribs steak meal (Brian’s Ribs from their menu) at Casa Verde Restaurant at UP Town Center branch, Quezon City (Philippines). This was recommended by a friend who is a foodie reviewer. We were trying to plan where to dine out and finally we had our lunch at Casa Verde. 

The meal was worth the recommendation, the price was very affordable for a 3-cut ribs, rice, and corn carrots side dish. I am not really a big eater so the serving of the restaurant was more than enough for me. What more interesting was the ribs were soft,delicious, and just had the right amount of cooking for me to enjoy every bite. The ribs steak meal is excellent with A1 sauce which makes the steak worth the part of a joyful conversation. A good starter we ordered before the main meal was a tortilla chips with chili sauce. I am looking forward for another visit to Casa Verde restaurant.