Sunday, April 12, 2015

What if you are not shortlisted after the Job Interview?

Job interview is one of the scariest experience for those who are fresh graduates and first-timers in having a job interview. An applicant can feel the nervousness before and during the interview, after passing the aptitude test and going through the process of the job interview? So, what now? Most companies will say they will just call you, but later never call you at all. It means you are not shortlisted. Feeling disappointed right?

For applicants who are trying to get a job, try to submit applications as much as you can so there is more possibility of being interviewed by more companies. If you have not become successful with the other one, you still have chances with others. One reason for not being shortlisted is the interviewer was not impressed with your answers or you did not passed the aptitude test. Another reason is that your qualification is not fit for their requirements. 

After every interview, evaluate yourself and improve more the next time you will have one until you finally land the desired job.