Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Viber Doodle Feature

Viber text chat message, voice, and video clips messages are the main features of Viber. I usually use each feature from time to time, but of course the frequent one is the chat messaging feature where I now use more than the Facebook messenger and Yahoo messenger.

One feature that I also like is the doodle feature where you can send some of your scribbles and drawings. You can select types of brushes which includes heart, lips,flower and more. If you are good in color combination, you can actually draw in your mobile. A background photo or a new photo can be included then add some text to complete your canvas. Easily share your doodle to any of your contact or to a group, viola you have a personalized greeting.

Have you tried to use the doodle feature? How do you find Viber over its competitors?