Monday, March 23, 2015

The Menudo Group 80's Singing Sensation

Remember the group “Menudo”?, the Puerto Rican boy band which was formed in the 1970’s, but became popular in the 80’s capturing the heart of many teenage girls and women. The Menudo members that time were Ricky Martin, Robi Rosa, Charlie Masso, Roy Rosello, and Raymond Acebedo.

I was on my elementary days with my friends swooning on the boys. Sometimes we go to one of our friend’s house and watch their videos. Each of us will have a favorite Menudo member, for me I like Ricky Martin who was the youngest and the cutest that time. Robby Rosa was the heartthrob and the popular member, but I liked Charlie Masso over him. I guess I always go for not the popular one same as I like Matt Damon more than Brad Pitt. 

Menudo songs are easy to sing, the first song I memorized on my early years is “If 
You’re not Here”. I would always go back to these times which was part of my childhood years.