Monday, March 30, 2015

Is Customers always Right?

There is always a saying that ‘customers are always right”. Do you believe so? Customers are given the extended customer service as always and the understanding whenever they complain. But would the company always amend to customers demand? If the customers complain about something, they would always believe that they are right and that they expect an apology. 

If you are the manager, what would you do? A wise manager would know first the history of the complain or investigate first based on facts or documents presented. Usually date, time, and emails are very important to tell what really happened. Second is to hear both sides. After the investigation and the employee had failed to what is expected, the company can made the necessary actions to be done and apologize to the customer. Internally, the employee may be reminded or should take the consequences including any monetary charges if necessary.

On the other hand, customers is sometimes demanding or beyond reason just to get what they want. Every company or business has its own operational process and policies, but sometimes are reluctant to go through the process . If the employee is right, she/has has to feel that they are protected by the company and in return will earn their loyalty.