Thursday, March 19, 2015

House in Total Mess

When I went home tonight from work our house is totally mess. Our kitchen tiles are under repair for a couple of days now and the cut dust coming from the tiles are too much to bear. All the things in the kitchen were moved to another part of the house. The dining table were inside the room so I need to eat here while I open my laptop to start working online already. A few tiles in the living room is also being repaired so the television and some furnitures are full of dust inspite of having newspapers on top.

After the repair of the floor tiles, I hope to clean and fix the house again. This coming month, family members from abroad will be coming so we need to keep the house in shape again. Just food for thought, we are always challenge to be flexible in whatever life gives us, but in the end we will be rewarded with good things if we are patient.