Friday, March 13, 2015

General Cleaning of the House

Cleaning the house is a periodic task we do either everyday, every week, once a month and so on. But there is one general cleaning that we do from time to time especially if one event is coming or before the Christmas holidays or the year ends. If you have a big house, cleaning should be systematic. How do you clean the house? Alone, with your family, or getting a day-job helper?

Cleaning starts with each section of the house and not doing it randomly. You can choose what area will you clean first, the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, etcetera. It is like compartmentalizing and working each area to get things done. Like cleaning the house, sometimes we are confronted with a situation where we need to compartmentalize things, or  our feelings in order to move forward or get out of that situation.

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 Part of cleaning is disposing old things which have not been used for years, sometimes we get too attached on things that we keep on holding back to throw or give to others instead. Moving forward always comes in letting go of something.