Sunday, March 22, 2015

Food Trip: Ilocano Pinakbet Pizza, Poqui - Poqui Dish and More!

Aside from the beautiful places we try to explore, traveling is not complete without having a food trip with the local delicacies and various dishes. From my recent trip to the north of the Philippines, I was able to experience some great food from Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte.

Poqui- Poqui dish - a vegetable roasted eggplant dish available in Herencia Restaurant (the birthplace of Pinakbet Pizza just across the Paoay Church)

Ilocos Empanada – this is a delicious food from Vigan (in Ilocos Sur), empanada with egg inside. Having two empanada are enough for a dinner.

Ilocos Langgonisa – Longaniza or longganisa is a local sausage mixed with native spices, the longganisa from Ilocos is delicious because it is usually less fat. 

Pinakbet Pizza – we are used to have pizza with pepperoni, bacon,mushroom, salami and other standard ingredients for a pizza. Pinakbet is a popular vegetable dish in the Philippines, but having it as a pizza is quite different. Instead of putting hot sauce you will put “bagoong”, a popular ingredient or condiment in Philippine dishes which is a fermented fish and salt. Also a specialty food from Herencia Restaurant.

Ilocos “Suka” or Vinegar – the native vinegar from the region has more taste and different from the vinegar available in the supermarket. It is excellent for the empanada and longganisa.