Thursday, March 26, 2015

Facebook Video Screen Chat Problem

I am a Facebook user mainly for connecting with my family through chat messaging and video chats. A few weeks ago and just yesterday, I had my video chat with my brother, there was a problem with my screen. He can see us in our screen but on my screen there was only black screen appearing. We fail to see him so we just resort to using Skype. For my previous personal experience, Facebook video chat is better than Skype. It is more clearer and not requiring more internet use. It is easier since it is already within Facebook. Another thing is, when you drag the video window the resolution does not change at all. The sound is clear and well and good. For others that are slow and pixilated, it might be because of the speed of Internet connection already.

I am still browsing the internet for possible solution. I am using Chrome right now, but probably I would try to use Facebook video chat using other browser. I do not know if this is the solution.