Thursday, March 12, 2015

Eating in an Eat-All-You-Can Buffet Restaurant

Eating Buffet restaurant is one of the popular dining experience in Manila, Philippines. There are a number of restaurants that offer this type of buffet for family or other groups. It is an exciting experience to be able to choose from different food dishes and delicacies. To make your own serving plate and eat as much as you can. The only rule is you have to eat all the food in your plate.
It is normally with a higher price than the regular food ala carte servings since there are biggers servings being offered. They have various local and international cuisines which you can choose everytime you go back to the food table. If you are a first timer, the tip is to be able to try most of the dishes as you can , do not focus on a few dishes that you can easily be full. Desserts are also fun to try.
Most events such as birthdays, anniversaries, group party are being held in eat-all-you-can are being held here to enjoy the party more with the abundance of food.
If you can afford this type of buffet, it is a good experience from time to time.