Saturday, March 28, 2015

Best Songs of the 80’s Music

I grew up in the music of the 80’s and I am happy that this generation of music are still being played up to now. I still hear 80’s music in most parties where younger generation able to know and love them too. The music of the 80’s is considered the best decade. 

Artist / Song
Cyndi Lauper (True Colors) – this ballad is meaningful and one of my personal favorites.

Michael Jackson (Billy Jean) - released January 3, 1983 and one of the best song of the late MJ.

U2 (With or Without You) – Whenever I hear this song, I can really feel the music of the 80’s.

AHA (Take on Me) – I like this songs specifically for the melodic part played in the keyboard.

Bryan Adams (Heaven) - Great ballad that brought Bryan into stardom. 

Irene Cara (Flashdance) – One of the hit songs in the 80’s and also used in dance contest. 

There are many great 80’s songs like of Spandau Ballet and Tears for Fears. There are too many to mention. How about you, what 80’s songs do you like?