Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What makes a Healthy Body?

Being healthy can give you more opportunities to live the way you want.  It adds your life expectancy, improve your work performance, be able to enjoy your life with your family, and more.  Here are the basic needs to have a healthy body:
  • Proper diet - proper diet with enough nutrients needed by the body are big factor of being healthy.  On the other hand, bad eating habits brings diseases and illnesses that detoriates our body.
  • Regular exercise - It gives us vitality and more energy when our routine includes a regular exercise. 
  • Sleep – it rejuvinates our body from fatigue and stress.  We all need sleep in order for our body to perform well.
  • Good posture – it is advisable to maintain good posture to avoid back problems on later years.  Having a good posture also contributes to your personality.
  • Regular medical check-up - annual or periodic medical check-up is necessary so that you are aware of your body condition.  Early stages of some illnesses can be diagnosed and prevented.
Being healthy does not only mean of physically body,  but also becoming healthy emotionally and mentally.