Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things you can do while on Bed Rest

If you happen to be on a bed rest because of sickness or got an accident recently,  you probably cannot stand or go anywhere.  It is hard to take your daily activities and do the things you normally do.  Do not lose hope, your five senses are still intact.  In your own little way, you can still be productive inside your room.
Here are things you can do while on bed in random order:

Technology has become a great support for those who have disabilities, nowadays, an Ipad or smartphones are useful tools to keep you busy.

1.  Write if you can manage to be on your Ipad or notebook computers. 
2.  Communicate with friends through the Internet.
3.  Have fun with some games.  Being on bed trying to do things can be tiring sometimes, take time to play some games that you can manage to take away boredom.  Just be sure to limit the time so as not to strain your eyes.

4.  Unplugged yourself and pray.  This is an opportunity to pray a lot which probably you do not do if you are in normal state because of busy schedules and fast paced life.