Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Freelance Writing: Developing New Ideas for your Next Content

Writing is a skill useful both for personal expression or for  professional writing career. Writing for a certain topic usually begins with the idea which can be used as an outline, title, and expand it into full content.   There are incidents that different good titles suddenly comes out of mind, write it down immediately and just write the full content whenever you have time to sit down to write.

So, what can be the ideas for writing?  A writer’s block is a common challenge for writers, therefore, there  should be a continuous flow of ideas to write about.  How do you find them? Let us take a look of some writing ideas to begin with.  As the Playwright, Henrik Ibsen wrote, “Everything that I have written is closely related to something that I have live through”.  There are subjects  that within the writer’s interest because in some way it speaks about the writer’s personality or what gone through in life.  Here are some  ways on how to develop writing ideas for a new content and later expand in details:

1.       Spend 15 minutes a day drafting the  subjects even in random order.  Write down the possible titles.
2.       Scan through old books and choose that strike your interest. 
3.   Read the newspaper, current events is one of the most read topic.  People always want fresh information.
4.        Listen to different genre of music, it broadens the mind.
5.       Re-visit old writings and re-write them into a new content.
6.       Write about a topic that would grab the attention of a reader.
7.      Read, read, and read.  This is one way of getting more ideas to write.  If you read about one topic, see other topics related to it.  For example, If we read about “Working Moms” we can draft various titles for possible topics surrounding it:

The Challenges of  Working  Moms
Finding Time to Write on  a Busy Day
How to Manage Time Effectively
Freelance Writing for Working Moms
The Emerging Work at Home Moms
8.  Search the Internet, make use of search engines, keyword tools to broaden perspectives for new ideas.