Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Thoughts: Are you ready for your own Death?

All Saints Day (or All Hallows Day) is celebrated  by Catholics to honor martyrs and saints on November 1 while All Souls Day is celebrated  on November 2 to remember the deceased loved ones.   These two are celebrated in different countries  every year through different ways. To others these are celebrated through Halloween parties, costumes, ghost stories, Halloween decorations. 

In a more traditional way in some countries, the family will spend time in the church to pray for them and  visit the grave of their loved ones.  Others simply light the candle on their houses to celebrate it.  In one way of another each of us may have experienced losing our relatives, or  father, a mother, brother or sister, son or daughter or  a friend who are dear to us.

Death is what we will all go through either by sickness, accident, murder, or some opt to take their own life.  Nowadays, it has been a taboo or too morbid to talk about death.  It  is a reality that we have to face.   Have you thought your own death? Is it too early to think about it or is it better that  atleast think about it? We do not have know when and how it will happen, but if  we are given a preference, here are some thoughts or questions about death that would help you prepare yourself. 

Do we have a last will and testament already?  If we cannot manage to have a formal document, a handwritten last will and testament will do and it is much better if updated yearly.  A last will and testament is more advisable if we already acquired properties so we can better choose our beneficiaries of our life treasures.  Perhaps, every new year while we also write some resolutions for the next year.

If you have to choose the way you are going to die? How it would be?  Through sickness or a sudden death?  Of what age do you want to die?

If you are going to die, is there a person that you want to be at your bedside?

Have you imagined your own funeral?  Can you describe your preference the way it should be? A simple wood coffin or modern metal type?  Flowers play an important role on funerals,

What words do you want to engrave in your epitaph?

In your funeral, what do you think will say about you during eulogy? Will you leave  a legacy? 

There are no better preparation than to prepare ourselves spiritually.  Whatever faith or beliefs about spirituality, the internal condition of self is most important.

“Maybe we can live better at present if we try to learn  from the past  while we  think of the future.”