Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ideas for Decorating your Home

Are you tired of having the same arrangement of your furniture and seeing the same thing around the house?.  Does your family photos have the same background?  The art of decorating  can be fun and your  creativity skills will be challenged as you give a new look to your home. Once you decide to work on it, try to check out home décor magazines, catalogs, see model houses, or browse the Internet to get new inspirations  so you can have enough preparations to it. 

Spending money is not an option in decorating your home, here are some decorating ideas to begin with.
Moving your furnitures to a different angle is the first step like the sofa, center table, etc.  You may also remove unnecessary furniture to give more space.  Proper spacing is for you to move around freely without bumping into each other or into the furniture always.  

Use fresh plants that are into small containers so that it can easily be moved, place them near windows where the sunlight passes through or place them outside when necessary.   Put candles with different sizes or some old collectibles you have that are just kept in your cabinet.

Replace and update your photos in the frames.  You might also want to change your frames (there are good but cheap frames in bargain sale) to accentuate the photos.   Frames with similar border and size looks best or from smaller to bigger frames.

When you are done with decorating and arranging your home, try taking pictures and see the result.  Be happy with it.