Sunday, June 12, 2011

Web Screen Sharing and Remote Access Productivity Tools

With the power of the Internet, almost all are possible.  With the screen sharing and remote access tools, it lets you work faster, reduce travel cost, saves time, and increase productivity  conveniently.  These are beneficial for personal or business use.

The core benefits of these tools are web conferencing, training, product demo presentation, easy collaboration for online meetings, tutorials, and online computer technical support.   Here are some of the screen sharing tools from the web and its  leading features:

  • Instantly share screen with anyone and anywhere with a fast and secure platform.
  • No download for your participants. You only need internet connection and people can instantly see what you have on your screen through a  web browser with no special  plug-ins or add-ons needed.
  • Works with leading Instant Messaging softwares such as Skype, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and Google Talk.  Import your contacts who are not on the Yuuguu network and share your screen with them easily.
  • Easy screen sharing with users from Yuuguu Network.. Invite your friends and business partners to join for free with atleast five participants in a session for easy collaboration. 
  • Yuuguu free edition is time limited when sharing with people on on the network.  Experience more with Yuuguu Plus with unlimited use, plus the features of WebEx and GoToMeeting. 
  • Yuuguu is available for Mac OS, and Windows
  • One solution for everyone
  • Remote administration of unattended servers
  • File transfer
  • Highest security standard
  • Online status display
  • Remote support without installation
  • Remote presentation of products, solutions and services
  • Works behind firewalls
  • Browser based access
  • Very competitively priced, free versions available
  • Optimized performance
  • Two-way desktop sharing.  Both participants can view and control of each others computers, a bi-directional interaction between any two computers.
  • Customization and integration
  • Remote reboot and reconnect a computer without interrupting a running session.
  • Browser based solution which let the two participants connect through an internet access and a web browser anywhere in the world without a need for installing a software or program.
  • Easy connection process to a user client without having a long process of software installation or network configuration.  This will accelerate the support process more faster and better client service.
  • Reporting tool for previous sessions which can be converted to pdf or excel files.
  • Multi-monitor support allows you to see other monitors connected to your remote client computer.
  • Instant Messaging
  • Other features such as Firewall/Proxy transparency, Auto scroll and Auto-scale, File and Clipboard transfer
  • Techinline is available in Windows 7, 64-bit version.
Other screen sharing tools are glance,Mikogo, VyewMyPC, AdobeConnectNow, ConnectLoop, Skyfex,remotepc,JoinMe,Laplink, and many others.