Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tips on Giving Corporate Christmas Giveaways to Clients

Whether a small or large scale company, giving Corporate Giveaways or promotional items to clients is part of  marketing activities throughout the year for sales promotions, corporate events such as product launchings, and the most awaited Christmas Season.

Giving Corporate Christmas giveaways is a marketing tool for giving our clients a token of appreciation for being loyal to our products or services and doing business with the company throughout the year. This is also an effective form of advertisement for the next year with company logo imprinted on the giveaways will give the clients  retention of the company’s name and contact details.

Here are some tips on planning and working for your Corporate Christmas Giveaways activity :
Identify the specific requirements for your giveaways.  Identify your market so you will know the best item suited for your clients.

Standard Giveaways such as office accessories such pens, penholder, paper holder, desk calendars , planners, business diaries, utility tool items such as Swiss knife,food items such as bag of goodies, wines, and many others.
Customized Giveaways depends on the type of business or Industry. For computer related companies, computer accessories such as USB memory, notebook bags, and other gadgets are good giveaways for its clients. In a travel type of business, sample giveaways are travel bags, luggage tags, apparel, and other related travel items.

Work within the budget.  Know  how much budget is allocated for this activity. Some may vary allocations every year depending on the annual sales income of the company. There are high-end and low-end giveaways to choose from depending on the budget of the company.

Calendar the activity in advance.   Avoid the stress and rush orders for Christmas, by creating a  timetable for canvassing and ordering the corporate giveaways. When the “ber” comes on the month of September, you can already pick up your pen and start planning. Being ahead of the others will make you choose better and have a good purchasing deal. Price also tend to increase as the months nearing December because of more demands coming in with suppliers.

Canvassing and ordering your giveaways.  Have atleast three suppliers quoted for your selected giveaways for comparative study and let the best supplier gets your deal. After giving your requirements to the supplier, discuss the lowest price that they can give, minimum quantity order, payment terms, and other specifications as to color, placing of the logo, sizes for apparels.  A sample of their existing products is a must to check quality and a prototype sample of your order for final approval.

Look for a supplier with a competitive price, good quality products, easy to deal with, and give assurance to on-time delivery. Distribute your giveaways first week of December and make your clients happy.