Sunday, June 19, 2011

Planning Your Travel and Completing Travel Requirements (Part 2)

After having the passport and visa, ticket and accommodation are the next  important travel requirement for travelers.

Airplane Ticket
Reserve the flight in advance to avail promotional fares and be able to get the best flight time and seat.  Get all the details pertaining to promotional tickets, check any restrictions to decide on your options.
If you are purchasing a ticket through a travel agent, make sure that every details are communicated well.  Emphasize your seat preference in the airplane so you get what you want.  Passengers with young children are often seated in the bulkhead rows to give them much space. Some prefer to be on the window side to have a good view or others prefer the isle seat so they can easily go to restrooms and move around. 
Once you have the  ticket, make sure all the details are correct.  Reconfirm flight details from the airline atleast 72hours of the actual  flight.

If you are booking with a hotel, here the things that should be considered or questions to ask when making a reservation.
Is there any promotion that you can avail?
What type of room do you want? What type and size of the bed do you want?
Does the outside view of the room differs from garden view, pool view etc.?
Do you require a smoking or non-smoking room?
What are the inclusions of the hotel package you are getting?
What is their cancellation policy?
Confirm all the details before your scheduled flight with the hotel and make sure you have the contact number before the flight.

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