Friday, June 17, 2011

Emerging Digital Moms

How to Be a like a Digital Mom?
  • A high percentage of bloggers consist of digital moms where they spend time blogging for various reasons.  Most marketers consider the power of women share on the business market.  Their reviews on blogs are taking into consideration as they are direct consumers blogging about their experiences on products, restaurants,  and others alike.
  • A tech-savvy consumer who shops online.  Checks the latest shopping deals, bargains on sale, and various coupons from the Internet.  While others opt to join auctions  from eBay, the largest buy and sell network.  
  • A large number of digital moms embarks into home-based jobs or work-at-home  since this is an opportunity to earn an additional income while doing the household responsibilities.  Most common work  are engaging in an online business like buying and selling items, freelance writing, virtual assistants, web designers, and other field of expertise that they can work on in a freelance basis.
  • Plans travel requirements and buys airplane ticket online.  Avails the cheapest travel deals being offered in advance. 
  • An active member of social media websites, blog , and forums to interact with others of the same interest.  The most common are parenting, home-based jobs, shopping, beauty, and home renovation.  Some digital moms joins Facebook to checks on their children friends and network. 
  • Search for healthy recipes for the next  menu from a favorite cooking video tutorials.  Healthy pack-lunch for kids schooling.
  • Organize daily tasks with smartphone applications.