Sunday, May 1, 2011

Instruments: Play Virtual Drumming

Experience virtual drumming  like Dave Weckl style and other famous drummers.  Take advantage of the basic to advance drum lessons with drum sheets.  Available on Windows and Mac-Linux  platforms. offers ultimate online drumming experience for novice and advance users with its excellent graphics, and real drums sound capabilities. Virtual drumming is available for both Windows and Mac-Linux platforms.

Drum Games - Free Drumming.   Play virtually with various drum sets set-up patterned from styles of famous drummers like Dave Weckl, Steward Copeland, Phil Collins, Steve Gadd, and many others.  The newest feature is the double bass drum pedal set-up.

Getting Started :
Choose a drum set pattern  from the list of drummers.
Select the "key settings" to see the corresponding letters to press.  De-select  if you already memorized the keys.
A virtual drum stick will appear, strike the set keys from your PC keyboard for your desired sound from snare, bass, toms, cymbals and other drum parts.

If you have mastered the keys and can already learn the basic  beat, try to play some slow songs from media player while playing the virtual drums just like if you have the real one. 

Start the fun and  play like a professional drummer.

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Drum Machines.  Create your own drum fields with its built in sequencer.  Click some notes for hi-hat, snare drum, bass drum and   click play .  This can be an awesome experience.

Drum Lessons.    Learn from step by step basic and advanced lessons with topics on rhythms and drum musical theory.  Know about rudiments, basic to advanced drum beats, different music styles,  and more.  Learn with the help of Virtual drummer to maximize your learning process.

Drum Sheet Music.  Download  free drum sheet music, drum tabs, solo transcriptions and drum charts.  Lessons are accompanied by printable sheet music  (Adobe pdf format) to help the learner.
Either you want to  learn drums seriously or just want to have fun, you will definitely enjoy the experience playing these virtual drums.   Just make sure you put an appropriate amount of time playing or have some intervals in between so as not to restrain your hands and fingers.

This is really a cool website!