Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Handle Unemployment and Beat Boredom (Part 2)

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Here are others ways to beat and handle unemployment, as the sayings tells us "if there's a will, there's always a way":

Find alternative ways to earn income and reduce expenses.  Embark to a small business that relates to your interest.  The Internet had also became  an ally of the unemployed being a great source of vast opportunities  of freelance jobs for   Internet marketers, virtual assistants, online content writers, photographers, designers, home-based moms,  bloggers among others to  generate income.  While trying to generate income, reduce home and personal expenses to atleast augment financial difficulties.

Limit your television viewing. Do not be a couch potato watching television shows and movies throughout the day. Too much of it will only promotes boredom and idleness.  Remember that ‘an idle mind is a devil’s playground”. If you have something to read, allocate time for reading that gives fresh ideas, positive attitudes, and new possibilities in life.

A new “you”.  You do not have to look  miserable while unemployed.  Reinvent your image by a new hair-do, keep the body fit, and stay neat.  Physical wellness brings  a healthy emotional well-being.  While learning new things and improving your skills will keep it from being stagnant and preserve mental alertness.

Reconnect with old friends and cultivate new friendships.  Being with friends or a best friend will boost your emotional state. This is also an opportunity to fill the times you failed to be with them when you are too busy with  work. They can give emotional support, share new ideas, and  extend their network that can help in your unemployment crisis.  On the other hand, giving  time to others by volunteering and doing charity works are more productive ways than spending at home doing nothing.  Visiting a sick  friend, relatives or other people will also give you a sense of personal worthiness.

Stop and slow down. Give yourself a “private hour” each day to relax and quietly  evaluate yourself about the direction of your actions.  Trying to keep busy all the time without accomplishing something is an indication that we are heading for a wrong direction. Spend time productively and prove that a better chapter will soon be unfold.