Thursday, May 26, 2011

C-Walk Hip Hop Street Dance

C-Walk or “Crip Walk” is a hip hop street dance  originated in a suburb Compton area in Los Angeles, California in the early 70’s.  Originally a symbolic dance to identify  Crip gang members and its use of  signs for their activities in the early 80’s.

Today, the dance craze is widely known in Europe and other parts of the world as the complex footworks becomes more exciting mostly for teenagers who can still endure the mix steps.

Although both starts with “C” these two are sometimes confused as similar. Clown walk is a variation of moves founded from the Crip Walk like the shuffle and V steps. This is a lot faster and more entertaining. Clown walking had been accepted to hip hop culture without the relations of negative gang history as with the case of Crip Walk.
Clown Walk moves consists of basic V, Shuffle, Heeltoe, Snake heeltoe, xhop and mostly others improvised their unique moves.


V Step – Starts with both feet flat on the ground then move in  V position.  Then one foot is going on its toe and other on its heel moving to left-right and vise versa.
The Shuffle Kick - This involves moving the feet backwards and forwards jumping up and down.
The Heel-Toe - Crossing on leg to make a part twist with the toes and heels. This move involves your right foot being directly at 90 degrees behind the left foot to make the partial twist.
The Snake - The dancer must move his front leg left and his right on his heel, shortly being followed by his back leg.

Other advance moves shown are X-Hop, Inverted heeltoe, Snake heeltoe.
Always keep the steps go with the beat of the music.
Tie the shoe lace tight to C-Walk fast.


Nike Cortez first appeared in 1972, the high quality of this shoe makes it the top choice of C-Walkers for its lightness, comfortable, and easy to use features for the moves.
Nike Air Force One makes it to the second spot. It has been with great style, durability, and revolutionary features since introduced 20 years ago.
Adidas another well known for most athletes and dancers is on the third.  Most commonly picked styles are Gazelles, Sambas, Super Stars and Good year.
Converse Hi Top All Stars shoes are also known in the C-Walkers community.

C-Walk dance are mostly accompanied by techno rap urban music. Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, young Lil Bow Wow, and other Hip hop rap artists have also performed C-Walk on stage.
Dr. Dre – Keep Ya Heads Ringing
Fantasia Barrino – Truth is
Ludacris - Me and my Crew
Outkast - Ms Jackson
Snoop Dogg - Gin and Juice
Snoop dog – Drop it like it’s hot
Tonedeff -Heads Up
Xzibit – Get your Walk On
2Pac – Loyal to The Game
50 Cent - Just A Little Bit