Monday, May 23, 2011

Basic Wine Lingo

Aroma. General term usually positive for the smell of the wine such as fruity,spicy,earthy and so on.

Balanced. Refers to the harmonious balance of a wine’s components such as acidity,sweetness,tannin,alcohol,oat, and so on.

Body. The density of a wine : thin, light, medium, or full-bodied.

Barrel-Fermented.  Wine that is fermented in small barrels instead of  large tanks.

Complex. Describes a wine that is multidimensional in terms of flavor and aroma, etc.
Floral. The aroma of flowers can be found in white wines such as carnation,jasmine,orange blossom rose petals, and for red wines roses,violets etc.

Full-bodied.  A wine with rich, mouth filling texture and weight on the palate.

Oaky. The aroma derived directly from the oak barrel aging and usually described as vanilla-like.

Wine TriviaWine as disinfectant or stain remover.  Mark Daeschel, A microbiologist at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon discovered  that white wine is an excellent remover of red stains and cleaner of kitchen countertops.  According to Daeschel, white wine acts as a disinfectant and kills salmonella, a common food-borne bacterium, within a few seconds.  So, next time you have a left-over wine, do not throw it straight it into trash but to the kitchen instead.  Watch video for more details.