Friday, April 22, 2011

Ten Random Things You Can Do for Next Year

Writing down New Year's resolution is one of the most common things people do during last week of December  until first of January.  Read more about the things you can include in your New Year's resolution list.
Planning for next year.

1.  Invest 10% of  income either in a personal business or bank time deposits.

2.  Increase annual income atleast 25% next year.  Either by getting a new company with a better compensation offer, acquire a part-time job, starting a new business, or increase productivity from a home-based business.

3.  Walk thirty minutes a day.  Keeps the body active and healthy.

4.  Cut television time and read atleast twelve books next year instead.

5.  Plan the annual vacation as early as February.

6.  Pursue  one hobby  either in sports, music, gardening, and others that was neglected last year.

7.  Visit and reconnect with three to four old friends.   Find them in Facebook or ask from other old friends who could lead you to them.

8.  Use credit card wisely, spend only  25% of the credit card limit, and pay the full amount before the due date.

9.  Avoid the next year's Christmas holiday rush by start planning for the  month of September.

10. Do one personal spiritual activity that will help you become closer to God.