Friday, April 22, 2011

Planning Your Christmas List and Budget

Did you overspend last year?  Planning your Christmas list and expenses will save you some money.  Here are some tips on how to cut costs during Christmas.

1.  Planning is the  big first step for the Christmas season.  This will make you avoid rush buying on December and able to spend your budget wisely.  Evaluate your last year's expenditures, and make an effort to maximize your budget this year.

2.  Create your own gifts.  If you plan in advance, you will have more time to create your own gifts.  Get out of those creative juices and start doing them in your free time.   If you can do some simple bracelets or accessories for women,something knitted,sewn, or personalized cards.  Inspite of availability of e-cards and other online greeting cards, a more personal one is the best.  A gift done with great efforts will certainly surprise the lucky recipient.

3.  Check your old stuff at home (brand new items that are not in use for quite sometime).    Sometimes we may have some items at home that we  bought just for excitement and kept in the cabinet.  This will save us from buying a new one.

4.  When buying a christmas tree, get the appropriate size for you home.  A smaller one that is just right for your receiving area will also cut your electrical bills from your christmas tree lights.

4.  When shopping, do not carry a lot of cash, just enough for your shopping list.    You may be tempted and fall into impulse buying.

5.  Purchase items in advance.  Prices months before December or before the season are much lower.  It is always advisable to buy in advance.  If you are keen enough, you may find good items on sale.  List down possible gifts for your list and check possible gift items.  To save time and transportation cost, you may opt to purchase online.  Avail of the special offers and other combo deals to save money, priceangels online shopping gives up to 90% off from selected products and discounts on bulk orders.  The money saved can be allocated to other Christmas expenses such as food and decors. 

6.  When using credit card, keep track of your expenses same as if you are carrying cash.