Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Remember Names

Make a good impression on personal or business meetings.  Here are some pointers how to remember names.

In an office environment, meetings and dealing with different individuals are very common.  It is quite embarrassing if you keep forgetting the names of persons you meet especially if you are new to an office, or if you are dealing with an important client.   A good business relationship starts with  a good introduction and remembering it.   Here are some pointers to remember names :

1.  Get the name right when you first hear it.  Try to focus and listen carefully when the person is introduced to you.

2.  Look directly  at the person's face while his or her name is spoken.

3.   Think of the face and the name as one.  Look for certain characteristics of the face that will make you remember the name.

4.  It is also essential to repeat the name immediately after you heard it.  " I am glad to meet you, Mr. Grant".  Then repeat it silently to yourself.

5.  Repetition helps the name fixed to you memory.  It is necessary to use the name as much as possible during the conversation but do not overdo it.

6.  After the conversation, jot down the name if necessary.

The sweetest word that the other person can hear is their name.