Saturday, April 30, 2011

Factors of a good PTC Website and How to Manage It

I started with Paid to Click sites with two sites and as the new ones coming in, more and more sites are adding to my list until I am already maintaining less than 10 PTC sites. But later on, I found out that it consumes a lot of time and can be stressing at times. After clicking for quite sometime, some sites turned to be a scam site such as, slobux,99centptc,buxyou,qualitybux, and many others.

Paid to Click sites are worth of our time if we know how to play the game which means we should know how to distinguish the legitimate and the scam sites.  Before joining, do some research on reviews and payment proofs.

The proof of a trusted site is a steady server which means there are no unexpected problems within the site like difficulty in logging in, your account page suddenly disappears and so on. Another one is the number of ads they produce which means more advertisers are coming in, there is a support/help page and most importantly is the timely payments to members.

Decide how much time you will allot for clicking the ads, and how many sites you can manage without sacrificing other tasks .

PTC websites gives an additional earnings but just like any other online freelance job, there is always a risk of winning and sometimes losing.  We  can  continue to move on to the next challenge.