Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Basic Guide to Web Content Management System (CMS) Softwares

A  content management system software is a tool for creating, organizing, maintaining, and publishing website content on a regular basis without the hassles of  editing the actual pages.  

Here are some of the benefits of  CMS :
1.  Reduced cost for site maintenance
2.  Avoid duplicate content
3.  More secure platform
4.  Faster workflow of content
5.  Remote authoring
6.  Convenient posting

Samples of what CMS can do :
1. Personal website and blogs
2. Business websites
3.  Online magazines
4.  Social media websites
5.  Corporate websites

6.  Community websites
7.  Article directories
A simple website may require basic CMS features while others require a more advanced  features such as websites engaged in ecommerce.  It is not enough to create a landing page that shows basic information of the business, a dynamic website provide interaction between its pages and visitors instead. Some of them are  commenting, reviewing, collecting email address through a webform, and placing a shopping cart for online purchasing. 
The goal of every website is to have a high web conversion rate that can affect the increase of sales.  Choosing the right content management system will depend on the type of business and website, and what the target market needs.  
 Read more about the different types of CMS and choose the best one according to your website requirements.
Features :  
  • Convert and resize files automatically into a web friendly format.  Accepts documents, links, photos,audio, and videos.
  • Autopost content to blog and popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr for photos.
  • Set a password and choose who reads your posts.
  • Instant audio  podcast
Users :   This is for novice users who wants a simple blog.  Registration is not required, just email the files at     "" to create and maintain a blog
Features : 
  • Widely used platform for bloggers
  • More available themes and plugins
  • Integrated statistics system
  • Available in 50 languages
Users :
Good for beginners and advanced users who wants a basic and medium features on a blog or  homepage with photos and videos.
Features :
  • Create a blog, homepage, ecommerce,ad server, and community features.  Also create corporate intranets and extranets.
  • Easy to install
  • Superior content administration
  • Built-in applications, some of them are blog, forums, FAQ management, contact management, user contributions,link management
  • With mobile plugins 
Users :   Advanced users who wants a more customized webpage usually good for a business.
Features :
  •  Create personal blog and webpage for enterprise
  •  Excellent built-in management with analysis, tracking and statistics
  • Available modules for utility, content, third-party integration, admin, content, media, e-commerce
  • Easy to index and search content
  • New release version 7  introduced enhancement to features on administration front end, dashboard, and content creation
Users :  For advanced users who wants a customized content and with  coding skills.
Ez Publish
Features : 
  •  E-commerce capability such as shopping cart, shipping, payment features
  • With built-in applications, some of them are blog, contact management, link management,forum, events calendar,mail form,polls, and wiki capabilities
  • Easily publish content direct from a web browser, word processor OpenOffice
  • No HTML coding required when adding content, use only the rich text editor  WYSIWYG
  • Excellent administrative support
  • High level of security for published content
Users :  Advanced users who wants a robust webpage.
Other CMS available are Textpattern, Mambo, Express Engine,Frog, Vignette, and many others.