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Friday, July 3, 2015

Afternoon Delight with a Friend

A cup of brewed coffee and a freshly baked bread are enough to enjoy an afternoon delight with a friend. After the tight and stressing weekdays, feels good to unwind a bit and enjoy a personal chat with a friend.

Social media gave us opportunity to keep in touch always with our loved ones through various chat messaging, a personal social contact with them is still best if time permits. With electronic cards, emails, and other forms of electronic communications are just tip of our fingers, but it comes impersonal at times.

Simple joys in life are still the best shared with a friend.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Using Viber in your Business

The Internet had become a big help in businesses. If you have shifted from traditional to online marketing, you will have a global market at your hand. Viber became popular not only for personal users but for businesses as well. Using Viber will help business cut cost on their operational communication cost. Since customers will be globally, aside from email, chat, traditional calls is still necessary when doing transaction. Photos and videos can also be sent. 

As the technology develops, communication is getting cheaper which helps businesses on their operations.

The Importance of Mobile Contacts Back-up

Mobile contacts are very important so that we will always to keep safe of important details and able to communicate with friends, family, and business contacts.  Inspite of having Facebook and other social media, communicating through phone is still the number one way to get in touch.
There are also  many ways nowadays that you can easily synchronize your contacts, photos, messages,bookmarks, videos with your other devices such as computer, tablets, or notebook.  Do what you have to do before it is too late that you factory reset your mobile phone without having a backup of your mobile contacts. Mobile contacts backup is a must for everyone.

Moving to a New Place?

Moving in a new place is not an easy especially if you lived in your hometown since birth. There is an emotional attachment with the place and the people you grew up with such as your friends and co-workers. Living in a new place can be a sad or exciting experience depending on how you look at the situation. 
If you have moved to a new place, find ways to know more about it and the people. Things at first can be difficult but eventually after a period of adjustment you will be able to learn to love the place. Here are some ideas to cope with the move:

Enjoy your new house, your new room and have fun decorating it. 

Know your neighborhood and the basic places such as the grocery store, church, shopping malls (if there is any), municipal hall, and more.

Make an effort to adjust to the new environment and make it as your new home.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Inspirations in Song Writing Lyrics

Just like poetry, writing lyrics is one of the hobbies I like to do when the mood strikes. There are thousand of songs which are beautifully written, music is one of the most effective medium of expression. 

Where can you find inspiration to write? There can be many topics that you can write about. In every situation you can find inspiration like you are telling a story, in every things you see around you, in every emotion that you feel, experiences of your friend, and many more inspirations in life. But for a lyricist or songwriter, not all the songs came from personal experiences. Just like a writer or an actor, a lyricist can play a different role and create a masterpiece. While many great songs are also written during the ebb of a songwriter’s life where personal emotions and experiences are the source of inspirations.

Can you list down songs beautifully written?

Tips When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is an option for buyers with a limited budget. For some, there will be other reason, but mostly it is because of the high cost of brand new cars they tend to have the option for used cars. There is always a risk, here are some tips to consider before considering a used car:

Decide for your budget, you will be able to choose from hundreds of options but you can narrow it down by knowing the ceiling of your choices. This is much easier to start with than browsing too many used card but not on the range of your budget. Now you know the price range, decide on what type of car you want. The brand and type of body, color, and more. When you visit a car dealer, they can better assist you and suggest you according to your preference.

Choose the dealer carefully, a referred one is best rather than dealing with a total unknown dealer. If you are not car expert, bring a professional mechanic when canvassing so you will be guided in checking the condition of the car. Canvass atleast from three to four shops for comparative analysis.

What Happened to Redgage?

Earn money online sounds good right? But for those who experience delay of payment it is really frustrating.  After the hard work and waiting it will be wasted if you are expecting the payment.

Redgage is a social media website where you can post links, blog, photos, and videos.  Most of the shared posts are links and photos.  I have seen great photographers and  interesting profiles at Redgage.  I like the community and it is where we can have create backlinks to our articles.

But some Redgage members including me  was not able to payout until today. They have upgraded the site and transferred the old profiles to the new one.  But since then the payment had not been good.  It is good if you  are just posting because of  article promotion, but it still depending on the site you are promoting if they accept traffic from Redgage.

What happened to Redgage?