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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Health Benefits of Honey

Even as a child, I used to take honey as an old-time favorite dessert and also serves as a vitamin. Today, I am still taking honey which usually serve as a sugar to my tea. Chamomile tea and honey are great combination. Honey is considered a home remedy food medicine because of its health benefits. 
Here are some of the health benefits of honey:

• A good supplement of potassium which helps fight fever.
• Honey is rich in vitamin C. 
• As a soothing remedy to irritated stomach.
• Honey has a calming effect, good to take when stressed and before bedtime for a good sleep.
• Help boost energy.

A daily intake of honey can bring about a more healthy body.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Piano Music Sheets from my Collection

For a long time, I have not visited my music sheets collection.  There is a long list, but here are some of the songs in the collection:

Canon in D
Lullaby by Brahms
Fur Elise by Beethoven
Claire de Lune by Debussy
Nocturne by Chopin
Waltz in A minor

Christmas Songs
Carol  of the Bells
Christmas Songs
Deck the Halls
Joy to the World
Do they know its Christmas
Feliz Navidad

Silent Night

Jim brickman Songs
By Heart
The Gift

Pop and Ballad Songs
A Thousand Miles
It Might Be You
You Raise me Up
and a lot more..

Friday, July 24, 2015

Gift Ideas Ideas

Thinking about what gifts to give can be hard sometimes, for whatever occasions birthdays, Christmas,weddings, anniversary, and more. It is fortunate today that there are also gift certificates that can be spent generally by the recipient.

Gift Ideas for Children - . Kids usually want associated with their favorite toys, games, and movie character clothes. 

Gifts Ideas for Teens - Gadgets such as smartphones, Ipad, psp games

Gift Ideas for a Husband – Gifts related to his sports and hobbies or grooming

Gifts for business associates are usually general gifts such as gift baskets, wine, or packaged toiletries.

Having a Grand Piano in your Living Room

Having a grand piano in your living room. Whenever I see home with grand piano, I can only sigh and wish for my own. Although a grand piano is a music instrument, it is also a piece of furniture at home where the family and visitors can enjoy.

Having a digital keyboard or any music instrument gives more delight especially if there are occasions. More of a grand piano, we all know that the beauty of the piano sound is very soothing to the soul.

Good brands are Ymaha, Steinway, Baldwin, and Kawai. When buying a grand piano, take time in canvassing that suits your needs since you will be cashing out a large amount of money for one unit. When you  finally have one, maintenance is important so that you will get your money's worth.  And most of all, play and enjoy it!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Emergency Kit for the Family

The present generation is facing a challenging situations with many calamities around the world. One is not spare from various calamities, both major countries in Europe and American territories and in third world countries are hit by earthquakes, flood, wildfire, and man- made war.

Every family should be aware that anything can happen. We should always be ready and atleast prepare things for the unexpected. If you are a parent, initiate to have an emergency kit and let the children be informed of what to do. Here are things you can include in the kit put in a light packpack:

Handy Alarm 
Canned good for two days (check expiration date)
Handy radio for media updates
One or two set of clothings
Basic Medicines, include special medications you need or anyone in the family
Emergency telephone numbers

Above are just a few important things you can include. How about you, what are the things you want to include on the list

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dealing with Online Clients

Online freelancing takes a lot of skills not only with the skills required for the project but also dealing with clients as well. Here are some tips for online freelancers or virtual assistants:

One pre-requisite for freelance workers is to be able to communicate well in English as a standard medium of communication. 

Communicate often with your client, they need and like to be updated always.

Be objective with your replies and straightforward. Make sure that your answers really answers their question.

Be truthful with your words and make sure you complete the project satisfactorily.

Know where the limitations of your tasks as per your agreed scope of the project. There are clients that are abusive which go beyond the contract and still pays at low rate.

Be careful in dealing online where there are scam clients that pretends to be legitimate.

Manage Your Stress

How do you manage your own stress whatever the cause of your stress?  The need to handle stress is important so that you can always try to be in control of the things that you can including yourself.   Do not be discouraged, there is always hope and ways to combat stress.  Here are some of them:

First and foremost, get adequate sleep.  It affects your over all physical performance if you lack sleep and the more if you are stressed out.

Connect with your family and friends, seek other help.  You are not alone, you can get help from those who care about you.

Let go of the things that you cannot control.  If you are too focus on the things you cannot control, you are just stressing yourself.

Manage time effectively so that you be on the right track always, if things are planned stress can be more manageable.