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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sonya's Garden Bed and Breakfast Hotel

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, Sonya's Garden Bed and Breakfast is a place for couples.  A nearby honeymoon accommodation place.  Here are some images taken from the hotel:

A coffee table inside the Panaderia Bakeshop.

Various flowers and herbs from Sonya's Garden.

Beautiful  countrystyle inside this romantic place.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A trip to Coron Palawan is one destination in the Philippines that you wouldn't miss.  Here are some pictures taken from the trip, see for yourself the beauty that the island has to offer:

Coron is known for its beautiful white sand.

Perfect wedding honeymoon destination.
Coron is famous for divers and snorkelers, a worth tourist spot.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Travel Philippines: Images from Pagudpud Beach - Ilocos Norte

Sunset at Pagudpud Beach

Pagudpud Beach 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Travel Philippines: Images from Ilocos Region Trip

The Ilocos Region from the North Luzon of the Philippines offers a lot of travel attractions for both local and foreign tourists.  The images will show the many interesting places to visit:

Paoay Church or San Agustin Church
Bangui Windmills
Pagudpud Beach
Images by Simplyoj

Sunday, September 8, 2013

5 Romantic Movies of all Time

Here are five romantic movies of all time (my personal choice):

1. Pretty Woman
Richard Gere and Julia Roberts played the role of the modern Cinderella where a rich millionaire falls to a woman in the street. Just like the prince and Cinderella, they lived happily ever after. Pretty Woman is the first romantic hit movie of Julia Roberts then it went on with a series of successful movies.

2. The Wedding Singer
Remember Julia Gulia? That is the name of Drew Barrymore if she had married her boyfriend. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore teams up for the first time then later on with “First 50 Dates” movie. The Wedding Singer is a feel good movie with a great song sung by Adam Sandler himself, “Grow Old With You”.

3. Dirty Dancing
This movie was a big hit in the 80’s with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in leading role. They played a modern Romeo and Juliet, a romantic drama where love is against all odds. Patrick Swayze is a prolific actor and dancer which  was gone too soon but  his movies lives on.  He sung “She’s Like the Wind” for this movie.

4. Titanic
Titanic is a gigantic movie directed by award winning  director James Cameron. Leonardi Di Caprio and Kate Winslet made a mark on their roles. The soundtrack album was also a big hit with the song “My Heart Will Go On” by “Celine Dion.  Until now,  the movie is also being watched by younger generations.

5. My Bests Friends Wedding
Julia Roberts is known for romantic movies but  unlike the Pretty Woman the ending of the story is not  happily ever after. Her Bestfriend Michael married to another woman played by Cameron Diaz.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Buying Tips for your Home Appliances

A home appliance is one the valued things in our home since they make our life easier and provides entertainment for our family. Home appliance such as refrigerators, home theaters, air conditioners, humidifiers, kitchen electrics, and outdoor appliances are often used in our day to day home activities.  These can be costly if you purchase one home appliance within a year.  So, make the right choice in getting one.  There are home appliances that malfunction or seem to be defective even only months old.

Our money should be worth the price so careful canvassing and decisions should be done.  Shoppers tend to buy because of its budget capacity not realizing the consequences it would bring later on.  Quality should come first and the brand that is trusted for years by other consumers should be considered.  If it is quite expensive, make an effort to save money first for the cost rather than rushing to purchase a less quality home appliance.  Visiting some product review websites can give you more insights and tips in buying the right home appliance for your family.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Navigation Devices for Travelers

Be sure to include navigation devices which will save your traveltime and effort.  Imagine you are being lost to a place where you arenot familiar with.  Recent technologies allow travelers to be digitallyguided on tours.  The power behind this technology is the NAVTEQ data.  One outstanding company that specializes on navigation systems  is NAVTEQ

This company is a global leader in digital map data catering to  top companies in different industries such as in automotive, portable and wirelessinternet, fleet and logistics, geographic information systems(GIS), government, developers, and media.  Way back 1995, it powered the first luxury car navigation system in Europe making it a leader in innovation and quality.

Here are some of  the advantages of  choosing NAVTEQ and having an updated maps or navigation GPS devices:

  • Their products are more on automotive navigation system but also cater for  internet map applications, and mobile devices particulary with smartphones.
  • Traffic can be avoided and will be warned in advance to take alternative routes.
  • Emergency cases will be attended soon if updated maps are available.
  • Use NAVTEQ maps to locate certain residential addresses, restaurants and businesses.  
  • Offering globally in eighty three countries and increasing expanding to other areas.
  • Traveler can explore independently with  navigation devices on hand.