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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Top Five Julia Roberts Movies

Julia Roberts a successful Hollywood star was born on October 28, 1967 and married to cameraman Daniel Moder. 

Pretty Woman (1990) – it is the classic movie where Julia Roberts became popular. Richard Gere was the perfect man for the role as the rich guy who fall in love with Julia’s character. 

My Best Friends Wedding (1997) –This movie was quite different as the ending is not the same with other Julia’s movies. Her character did not happily ended up with Michael played by Dermot Mulroney. 

Notting Hill (1999) – This is one of my favorite movie of Julia Roberts co-starring british actor, Hugh Grant. The story is typical 

Runaway Bride (1999)– On this movie, Julia reunited with his “Pretty Woman” co-star, Richard Gere. Another romantic movie which added to her feel good movies.

Erin Brockovich (2000) – Away from her romantic roles, Julia played a challenging role playing the true story of Erin which landed her a Best Actress Oscar Award. 

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Sharing and Learning through Writing Online

Writing online provides great opportunity to earn as well as learn from others. Through writing online, you will be able to share a lot of things in various categories depending on your field of expertise, experiences, and interests. Tutorial articles is one of the best way that a writer can share his/her talent and expertise especially hobbyist who are knowledgeable on certain skills. The good thing with sharing through writing is to be able to earn from it. Is in it great?

Through researching for the articles and reading other articles, one can learn so many things. Interacting with other writers is also one way of exchanging ideas, techniques, and developing writing skills. Bubblews is a good venue to earn and learn for all writers here which we can make the most of it. 

Do you have multiple Credit Cards?

I am typically a frugal person and I try to manage my funds as much as I can. I am not a big spender either trying to buy only what I need and sometimes reward myself of what I want from time to time. I know how hard to work and earn for a living. For more than ten years I only keep one Visa credit card which I only use for supermarket, buying house furniture, appliances, and electronic gadgets that I need. I never missed a deadline and put expense ceiling so as not to overspend. I try to control the use of credit card since most credit card users fall into debt because of overspending more than the amount of income. 

This week my bank offered me a MasterCard credit card (pre-approved and waived annual membership), I accepted because It offers some perks that are not offered to my other credit card. I intend to use the two cards one at a time, for now I will keep the first credit card for the holiday season and use the second credit card. 

How about you? How many cards do you have and how do you manage them?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Preparing for a Family Reunion

By next week our family will have a family reunion, some members of the family will be coming from abroad. After many years past, my sister, her husbands and two kids will arrive for a short vacation. I will see my nephew and niece who are grown ups now. The last time I saw them are seven and ten years old. Now my mother who is a senior citizen, a much older than when they last saw her. It is good that they will be able to visit us and spend more time with my mother before they get married few years later. Our house is not in top shape since just recently we had major repairs in some areas. So some preparations had to be made, quite tiring but excited about the family reunion.

I can always remember the past vacations, when somebody is coming from out of the country the family here is busy preparing, then suddenly you will realize that time is too fast because days or weeks after they are already packing for their departure. 

Hsve you experienced Techno Stress?

As a freelancer online writer, I started managing few websites on my first year with atleast two websites at a time. But after three years, I have been juggling from various websites trying to make the most of the opportunities at the same time. 

Although I am enjoying working online, sometimes I do feel the stress trying to be productive everyday. I usually have three windows open while working online and also doing some activities like fixing my bag. Maybe, I feel exhausted sometimes because I have a regular job and I am just finding time for my work online. As of now, I cannot fully quit my regular job because I still need the main income. 

Do you ever feel a techno stress? As much as we want to multi-task online, sometimes focusing on one activity and finishing it quickly can be more productive than doing too many activities at the same with minimal accomplishments.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Habit of Washing your Hands Frequently

Washing your hands frequently is being taught to us even as children to keep us from getting germs and later illnesses. We need to make it a habit since germs can be easily transmitted through contaminated water, contaminated food, germs in the mobile phones, touching dirty things, through other people with colds and cough, and many other ways.

If you are working, you are more vulnerable to germs if your work requires you to handle money. It is best that you always wash your hands frequently before eating, during breaks, and at the end of working hours. 

There is no harm in doing what is best for our health, learn the habit.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Parenting: Restrictions of Playing Gadgets for Children

Playing online games in computer and various applications on tablets and mobile has been a common topic for parents. Within the family, parents or single parents decide on the limitation they have to set or house rules for their children. A bigger challenge is to be able to implement and monitor them. 

Children nowadays are into gadget games for long hours which hinders them from having more social and physical activities. Here are some considerations on giving limitations to children:

Consider the age of the child or each child, limitation according to age. How many hours or allowed time they could play or use the gadget.

What type of games are to be played. There are a lot of educational games that would help on the development of the child. Choose and monitor the games to be played so that the child will still be guided.
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The type of gadget for the appropriate age. Young children sometimes has expensive gadgets which they cannot yet manage. Gadgets are vulnerable to being stolen or misplaced.