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Friday, March 27, 2015

Flappy Bird Crazy Business

It is game over for Flappy Bird game users, but for Ebay sellers it is just a beginning of a big bucks selling their mobile phones with pre-installed flappy bird games As reported by Mirror News  , iPhones with flappy bird game on sale reached a bid to $90,000. It is quite a large money running after a single game which becomes rare in the market. It has been pulled out from Apple Store and Google Play store since February 9, 2014.

People would always find ways to earn in every situation. It is also because there are still people are willing to buy. Considering that you have the money and you really love the game, would you fall for such tempting eBay sale? 

For me, it is just a fad that hit the market (just like candy crush game), another popular game would emerge in the next days. As for the developer, Dong Nguyen, he decided to withdraw his popular game inspite of its popularity and big opportunity for money, because it ruined his simple life. Well, for this person, it still proves that “peace of mind” and “simple life” are priceless. 

Planning your Family Travel

Preparing for a family travel is not an easy job. If you are the mother, you have to take care all the details of the trip. All the needs of your husband and each of the kids. All are excited but mothers usually are stressed out during the trip. Here are some reminders when preparing the travel details:
  • Make a checklist of your preparation.
  • Plan in advance so you would not miss a single detail.
  • See carefully what are the needs of each member of the family.
  • Research about your destination place so you would be ready for what to bring.
  • Discuss with your husband the details of your trip so he would also understand what is going on and what to expect.

Video Games for Senior Citizens

The advancement of video games applications on computers, tablets, and smartphones brings old people to play the latest video games. Candy crush application became a popular game not only for young people but also to older people from all walks of life. Recent studies proves that video games really helps old people or senior citizens to keep them mentally alert. It also an opportunity to atleast cut generation gap among kids and their parents or grandparents.
Although video games might be helpful to them, playing time should still be moderated. Also, because of the too much graphics from these games, their eyes might be prone to eye problems. Type of games should also be considered, choose which are just appropriate for them.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blogging Traffic Problem?

Blogging is quite challenging and frustrating sometimes if you think you are doing best but still not getting traffic you are expecting. Here are some blogging traffic ideas to start with:
1. Evaluate your content. Readers want interesting topics, ask yourself a question, is your topic interesting? There are blogs about hobbies, health, gadgets, computer tutorials that ranks high. They say content is king, so present a good content in your blog.
2. Update your blog as much as you can. Readers and search engines like fresh content and your readers as well.
3. Lay-out and images should relate to your content and attractive enough to keep your readers stay and go back.
4. Learn the marketing skills for your blog, there are a lot of ways to promote your blog to increase traffic. Use social media, forum, backlinks, network with other writers, and a lot more.
Keep going and do further reading about getting more traffic, there are lots of topics about blogging around the web.

Used Car or Brand New Car?

If you are planning to buy a car and you do not have much budget for it, you will think twice if you are buying for a brand new over a used car. Here are some considerations when making a decision:
Consider your budget first for the car, a budget that would not hurt your financial status and not bring you into debt. It is a decision whether you will get a brand new car under loan amortization or buy it in one time payment. It may be higher in price, but you will have a worry free for atleast on its first to second year depending your maintenance and use.
On the other hand, a used car looks cheaper than a brand new unit. But also consider where and whom you bought the car, it should be from an established, from a friend, or a reputable dealer. Make sure that you have your own car mechanic to check the car before finally buying it. Depending on the condition of the car, maintenance can be costly in due time. A used car will have a lesser depreciated value.
Weigh your options and decide what do you think is the best for your needs.

Windmill Village, Cheese, and Wooden Clogs Factories Tour at Amsterdam

Holland is known for windmills, most travelers who visits this place will not miss a photo with a windmill. When you visit Amsterdam, there are special guided tours that features unique windmills as part of the itinerary. One trip tour package was a visit to Volendam, Marken, and Windmill Village. This is only a half-day tour at the countryside of Amsterdam which will not take time of your travel itinerary. This is an exciting experience for a first traveler where you can see the old dutch houses and see how they lived before.

Aside from windmills, Holland is also known for various cheese and wooden clogs. This tour also includes a visit to cheese factory and shoe maker of wooden clogs.

Facebook Video Screen Chat Problem

I am a Facebook user mainly for connecting with my family through chat messaging and video chats. A few weeks ago and just yesterday, I had my video chat with my brother, there was a problem with my screen. He can see us in our screen but on my screen there was only black screen appearing. We fail to see him so we just resort to using Skype. For my previous personal experience, Facebook video chat is better than Skype. It is more clearer and not requiring more internet use. It is easier since it is already within Facebook. Another thing is, when you drag the video window the resolution does not change at all. The sound is clear and well and good. For others that are slow and pixilated, it might be because of the speed of Internet connection already.

I am still browsing the internet for possible solution. I am using Chrome right now, but probably I would try to use Facebook video chat using other browser. I do not know if this is the solution.