Friday, November 27, 2015

Giving Christmas Corporate Giveaways to Customers

One of the busiest month for businesses is the Christmas Season where the demand for supplies and services related the Christmas celebration is increasing. Aside from the Sales activities, Marketing to customers is also important. This is the time where companies distribute corporate giveaways to customers as a way of gratitude for loyalty and continued business relationship.

The type of corporate giveaways depends on the budget of the company and the number of customers on the list. As early as September, it is advisable to start planning and canvassing for corporate giveaways. Common giveaways are fruit baskets, wine, calendar, office supplies with company logo, apparel, bags, and more.

For a limited budget, sending a simple free e-card to all customers will be a good idea to thank them and also one way of informing them of any promotional programs this Christmas.