Monday, August 17, 2015

Managing Customer complaints

Customer is always right? Right in a way and wrong in someway. Customer complaints are common especially if you are in a customer oriented business. When we dine out sometimes, we find ourselves in a situation when we complain to a manager. What if you are working on sales or a frontman in customer service. How do you handle complain?

It is understable that customers do get angry when they are complaining, and some remains compose and complain in low tone voice. One way to handle a customer complain is to listen first. Let the customer talk and air what she/he is complaining about. Apologize about the convenience that this situation has brought her/him, explain properly the side of the company or any policies related to her complain. But sometimes customers are not always right, they insist and beyond reason. Inspite of that, always offer a win-win solution and try to meet half-way if necessary.