Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Challenges of being an Online Freelancer

While there are advantages for being an online freelancer, there are also disadvantages. Even if you are working at home, It is not an easy job at it may seems there are a lot of challenges to take to become successful Here are three challenges I have on my list:

The need to establish yourself to prospective clients. It takes time to become successful in freelancing, usually atleast two to three years before one can truly earn big amount of money. This will also depend in your skills and knowledge acquired for a period of time.

Income not stable. Unlike with regular job employed in a company, there is no stable income, income only depends on the completed work per project basis. Also, if you are sick and cannot work there will be no income too except for those article jobs with residual income.

Requires Self Discipline. It takes a lot of self discipline if you are working independently as a freelancer. You decide on how you will work and the amount of work to be done. If you need an increase in output, you need to work hard and practice self discipline.