Monday, August 3, 2015

Are you into Selfie Social Craze?

Selfie became a viral and general term for netizens and social media people for a period of time, no wonder it was already included in the Oxford Dictionary. You have a created a selfie once you have photographed yourself and share it to others.

People found a modern way of self expression through creative, innovative  ways, and the use of social media. Are you a selfie addict? How often do you take photos of yourself or being “selfie” in a day? Some may take it as a negative as an addictive mental disorder because of the need to express and be noticed. Some parents are alarmed and some take it as a way of common interest with their children. Some young teenagers would be disappointed if their photo does not get views and likes. Or they will be elated if their crush or someone that they like gets to like their photos.

But personally, I am not really into photo selfie thing, but I do enjoy and appreciate the creative juices that these people are doing. I am more of a photographer who loves to shoot food, restaurants, travel places, ordinary things, and people. I love to work behind production and also do some crazy stuff within my interest.