Saturday, July 11, 2015

Writing Ideas for Freelance Writers

There are many articles written about “writer’s block”. If you are trying to start a writing career, you need various topics to begin with. Here are some ideas to write about:

1. Start with standard topics that you are comfortable to write depending on your knowledge and skills.

2. If you are not ready for articles that requires 300 words or more, you can also start with creative writing such as poems. This is easier to write than full length articles.
3. Seasonal topics are excellent topics such as Christmas, All Saints Day, Mother’s Day, and more.

4. Write more about topics that relates to you. If you are a parent, write about the challenges of being a mother of father, raising kids, cooking, and more.

5. Write about topics that interest you such as things that you love to do. Hobbies such as photography, cooking, gardening.

Writing is fun and it is a double bonus if you are earning from it.