Monday, July 6, 2015

Reduce your House Bills

The cost of house utilities such as water, light, communications, cable, and other house expenses are increasing. Your income should atleast cover the cost of living and have some savings for emergency situations or save some money for the future. Being frugal in spending and reducing your house bills are ways to save money. Here are some things your family can do to save:

1. Conserve energy by turning off the lights in the room if no one is using. 
2. Buy energy saving lights.
3. Make sure that you consume all the prepared food, no wasted food. Just think of the people that do not have food on their table.
4. Teach kids of the value of money and how money are earned. Even children can be taught on how to handle money on an earlier age.
5. It is not enough to teach your children, the best way to teach is to be a good example to them.
6. Control your expenses and budget your money.