Friday, July 10, 2015

Office Bullying?

In a corporate environment, competition among employees are common. There are different types of people working in one place of environment where attitude clashes and there is a need to deal with even with the hard or nasty people. What if these people are superior in position, or in another department where you need to deal with those people even if you do not want.

Most of the victims of office bullying are young new hires who do not know yet how to defend themselves from intimidating a much older and senior co-workers. Other victims are women who are being bullied by men, nasty bosses who maltreated subordinates.

Do not be a victim of office bullying, be always assertive and deal with them objectively. If they go the boundaries, let the Human Resources Department that you are being bullied, just be ready that you can prove it because they can easily turn the table for you.