Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Inspirations in Song Writing Lyrics

Just like poetry, writing lyrics is one of the hobbies I like to do when the mood strikes. There are thousand of songs which are beautifully written, music is one of the most effective medium of expression. 

Where can you find inspiration to write? There can be many topics that you can write about. In every situation you can find inspiration like you are telling a story, in every things you see around you, in every emotion that you feel, experiences of your friend, and many more inspirations in life. But for a lyricist or songwriter, not all the songs came from personal experiences. Just like a writer or an actor, a lyricist can play a different role and create a masterpiece. While many great songs are also written during the ebb of a songwriter’s life where personal emotions and experiences are the source of inspirations.

Can you list down songs beautifully written?