Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ideas for Creating Homemade Cards

Because of the rapid changes of the Internet, e-greetings card had been a way of sending cards to family and friends. Traditional printed cards can also be seen in bookstores but a large number of buyers decreased. For those who are in a limited budget and who want to personalized their cards, creating homemade cards is an alternative way of expressing heartful messages. On earlier days and If my time permits, I still sometimes do homemade cards for family and friends. Here are some ideas in creating homemade cards that I previously tried:

Handpainted and illustrated cards. If you are into art and drawing, you can create simple designs using your talent. Using water color and craypass 

Using cut-out images and letters. Like scrapbooking, you can easily cut out images and letters from magazines. Use images that best describe your images or your recipient of your card. 

Use dried leaves. Dried flowers inside a book is a common material for homemade cards. 

Creating multiple envelopes. You can create atleast 5 envelopes in various sizes and put them together according to sizes. Create some designs on the largest envelope while the smallest envelope contains your handwritten message.