Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Protect yourself while Traveling

A pleasure travel trip is one of the joyous activity, a vacation holiday alone or with the family is a much-awaited event where you can leave your daily routine life. But unfortunately, there are many reports of crime even in travel destination places.

We need to protect ourselves in public places especially with unfamiliar places during our travel. It is best to research your place of destination before booking. The culture and environment to give you atleast an idea what to expect. Here are some reminders to keep safe:
Protect yourself while traveling
1. Do not leave valuable things inside the hotel.
2. Crowded places such as shopping malls, trains, public big events.
3. Keep your valuables with you.
4. Avoid dangerous places such as isolated streets, restrooms, and other dark places.
5. Be alert with those people around you, leave the area if you suspect anything suspicious. 6. Be careful when cashing out from ATM machines, from foreign exchange places, or banks.
7. Do not let children go alone by themselves roaming around unfamiliar places.