Saturday, July 18, 2015

Emergency Kit for the Family

The present generation is facing a challenging situations with many calamities around the world. One is not spare from various calamities, both major countries in Europe and American territories and in third world countries are hit by earthquakes, flood, wildfire, and man- made war.

Every family should be aware that anything can happen. We should always be ready and atleast prepare things for the unexpected. If you are a parent, initiate to have an emergency kit and let the children be informed of what to do. Here are things you can include in the kit put in a light packpack:

Handy Alarm 
Canned good for two days (check expiration date)
Handy radio for media updates
One or two set of clothings
Basic Medicines, include special medications you need or anyone in the family
Emergency telephone numbers

Above are just a few important things you can include. How about you, what are the things you want to include on the list