Sunday, June 14, 2015

Writing Tips: Things to do During Idle Time

We do a lot of waiting, we wait while processing a document, waiting for an appointment to arrive, waiting in a hospital, waiting on a train, waiting during travel, and so forth. What do you usually do while waiting? Here are some ideas to avoid boredome while waiting:

Write an article on a piece of paper or notebook. If you have your electronic notepad the better. Write atleast the outline or what comes to your mind. If you cannot come up with a full article, think of possible title topics that you can expand later when you are back in your workstation.

Reading newspaper or any available reading materials. Magazines usually help writers to generate new ideas.

Fix your bag, check for unnecessary papers and dispose them already (depending where is your location, do not do this if you are in an open public location)

If you are inside the room, look around and appreciate the interior of the room. You will be able to think ideas for writing or for your home.

If you are generally a sociable person, try to start a conversation with the person next to you. Just check if the other is also interested for a conversation.