Monday, June 8, 2015

Weather Control Modification a Threat to the World

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program project (HAARP) is a research project primarily to study ionosphere for the enhancement of communications and surveillance system purposes. But there is an underlying high secrecy about it and controversies are being circulating. Imagine the danger if selected people can really control the weather which can create earthquake, tornado, tsunami, and weather disasters. There had been various opinions about HAARP. This may have been built for a good purpose, but because of its capabilities it can be later be used by others for destructive purposes.

I will not further discuss about HAARP, but if you will be reading or Google “HAARP”, you can see a lot of articles and videos about it. There are already anti HAARP activist which continue to oppose about the program. Just a reminder that we need not to believe easily on everything what we read from the unreliable websites, but it is also good to be aware and research about these type of reports. It is for us to be vigilant about what is happening around us. It is also our responsibility to protect the world for our future generations. 

We can ask does people really been too far about science and intelligence?