Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Travel Experience: Eating Salmon Salmon in Delft Netherlands

In one of my travels, I was lucky to visited the city of Delft in Netherlands which is located in East of The Hague where I am staying. Delft is an interesting place where famous Dutch painter Vermeer was a native, other attractions includes Botanic Garden, old churches, the Delt Town Hall building has great architecture, museums, the pottery factory, and more. But none of them made me remember about Delft, it is when we had our break from touring the city. We went to a nearby trail of food stalls which sells various sandwhiches and snacks.

My sister who is a resident told me that a fresh salmon sandwhich was great and she highly recommended it to my mother and me. To my curiosity, I said yes to the invitation but when I took the first and second bite I did not like the taste. I manage to eat the whole salmon sandwhich but never will I eat it again.

Sorry I failed to take a photo of the actual sandwhich, the taste was enough for me to remember it.